Navarre Trailer Sales
4633 Erie Ave SW, Navarre, OH, 44612 | Tel: 1-800-584-8128

About Navarre Trailer

Navarre Trailer Sales was opened in 1957. Mr. Ronald Smith bought the company in 1987 and incorporated it. He became a Haulmark dealer shortly after that. He very much loved racing and would attend a race almost every weekend permitting. He especially loved the Sprint Cars. In 1994, he and his wife Janet, hired Dina Jones as a secretary. She was responsible for scheduling, ordering parts, payroll, account receivables/payables and was taught all about the trailer business. In 2003 he decided to slow down. He hired Amos to take over sales and to pick up the trailers in Indiana. Mr. Smith then stepped down in 2004, shortly after his wife passed away and made Dina, President and Amos, Vice President. A few months later, he sold the company to Dina. She then had a new building constructed and it was finished in 2006. That same year, EagleCarports approached her and installed some demo buildings and sales are going well. A year later, a rep from Dixie Chopper walked in and Navarre Trailer Sales became a dealer. Sadly, Mr. Smith passed away that year. He did get to see the new building. He would come in and sit in his favorite chair, which she still has of his and talk business and the old days. She was very happy that Mr. Smith approved and liked the changes she made and was able to have more products available to her customers. He is still greatly missed.